• Generating Android asset files with Gradle

    Recently, I’ve come across the problem that I need to include a generated file in the asset files of my Android application. More specifically, the report of a build-time dependency license validation (using the Licensee Gradle plugin) should be included in the application. Obviously, this should be possible with a flexible build system like Gradle. The solution I came up with has three steps.

  • LetsEncrypt with Certbot and Cloudflare

    This page shows how to configure Certbot with a domain that uses Couldflare DNS. This allows us to issue wildcard certificates.

  • Springboot deployment with nginx

    This post will show how to configure a CentOS server for deploying a Springboot application build with Gradle. The networking is passed trough nginx which can be used to run multiple servers on the same host or serve static traffic faster.

  • Android + Gradle + Artifactory

    This page shows how to integrate gradle builds of android libraries with a private maven repository hosted on artifactory.

  • Website with Flask, Gunicorn and Nginx on CentOS

    This page contains info on the setup of a Flask application with Gunicorn as app server and nginx as webserver. The app will run with Python 3 on CentOS 7.

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